Brazil World Cup competition to go in the sixth day

David De Gea are going to be missed the group stage Phoenix sports news Beijing standard time on June 16th message, WildStar Gold,in line with the American media “bleacherreport” disclosure, for the reason that group stage opener 1-5 not enemy Holland, Spain coach Bosco for that opener while using poor performance with the Casey, however the Manchester United goalkeeper, second choice goalkeeper David De Gea is sad because of a hip injury missed most of Spain the two round of group stage, like this, he’ll possibly become Spain and Chile’s first choice goalkeeper. The defending champion can be stated to burst the first winner in Brazil’s World Cup opener, although lost to Holland not to shock, even so the score of just one-5 counseled me surprised.

The experience, Spain’s overall poor performance, the team captain, Iker Casillas performance is more painful, especially he receives teammate to give back the ball is just too big large to let Van Persie plum to spread out two degrees, thoroughly put yourself to the media condemn in the speech plus writing inside the whirlpool. Show the first defeat, the Spanish coach Bosco began searching for a scapegoat, Kathy be one’s unshirkable responsibility end up being the scapegoat with the team. “Bleacherreport” said: Bosco is preparing to consider for Casillas, the team’s second choice goalkeeper David De Gea is the first choice, but miserable David De Gea but Bosco ruled out first, while he because miss at the least Spain’s two remaining group stage might be a hip injury.

“Bleacherreport” message isn’t the source, then a Spanish official statement about David De Gea: this evening, David De Gea because of a hip muscle discomfort, he’ll not training with the team. “Bleacherreport” at the conclusion from the paper analyzes selecting Spain’s goalkeeper: with David De Gea missed the group stage, Bosco is likely to opt for the third goalkeeper Pepe reina. Once David De Gea to injury in the tournament before, so for Bosco might be a best part about it. This will allow Spain includes a great protection from the knockout goalkeeper position. Brazil World Cup competition to go in the sixth day. In the three game today, the final team will perform the last with the first round, Belgium and Russia is anticipated to win. Brazil A bunch host come in the 2nd round against Mexico, the experience host has lost may. Belgium VS Algeria because the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Europe United Belgian stage eventually after 12 years to return to the globe cup. Now the Belgian star studded, referred to as the tournament’s biggest dark horse. 5wvn0iw

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