Conquest Points are classified as the higher tier of PvP content rewards

Conquest Points are classified as the higher tier of PvP content rewards. These are earned from doing ranked arena matches, rated battlegrounds, unrated battlegrounds, and dailies. In Patch 5.3, a mid-season catch-up mechanism for Conquest Points has been added. Players’ Conquest Points will have increased by 1000 every week since Season 13 has become out, without the level of Conquest Points earned in Season 13. Conquest Points will be the upper-level currency introduced with Cataclysm and rewarded for taking part in PvP encounters in the form of rated battlegrounds and ranked arena combat.

The fewer-level PvP currency, rewarded from non-rated battlegrounds and world PvP, is awarded such as Honor points.Easily would have been a first-time player. And all sorts of I am able to do is random battlegrounds. I’d personally be delayed understanding that I’m not getting any progression gear wise after getting the many honor gear equipments. At the least allow us convert our honor points to conquest points or provide us with 25 conquest points for losing. Some incentive for trying to persist in finding its way back, if you know eventually Let me get better gear.

It might still take more time, but at least my interest remains playing an integral part of the experience they intended for.Battleground ratings get a bonus of 22.2% towards the cap they generate, meaning the cap from Battleground rating now ranges between 1650 and 3300. Players may earn an overall total amount of Conquest Points a week add up to the greater of those two caps, buy wow gold, cheap wow gold at,but once players reach the cap for either Arenas or Battlegrounds, they will don’t earn Conquest Points from that source. Conquest Points from Battleground holidays only count toward the overall Conquest Point cap. wyntbp07h

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