Don’t waste bag storage space on grey usable items

A couple of hours work at toon level 6-8 provides you with 3-4 stacks of sunshine leather, 2-3 stacks of herbs, 1-2 stacks or metals bars (yep, smelt them for mining experience before selling them … if you are “grey” on smelting copper (ie no mining XP form it), sell the stacks of raw ore) so if you’re working in a region of humanoids 1-2 stacks of linen cloth. Dont waste your linen on bandages (FirstAid) .. a minimum of not even.

Don’t waste bag storage space on grey usable items, ruined pelts, broken teeth etc. if you are answering an inventory for that run home. Keep green items for Ah sale should your toon (or an alt) doesn’t need them. Always set auctions around the clock and hang a buyout price about 4-6x the worthiness to a NPC vendor (again confirm the Auction House current prices which means you dont over or under value your items) … the buyout price allows impatient bidders a method of asking for their items quickly – and your money faster.

Gold Secrets by Luke Brown does an admirable job of within the important aspects that required in a WoW Gold Guide. The major emphasis from the entire guide is with instructions on the way to improve your profits in the Auction House; as every experienced player on WoW knows, the Ah may be the best strategy to increase the risk for big bucks.

WoW Gold¬†Secrets also covers more original strategies. It isn’t original like “no time before seen” but they’re tips which aren’t a part of most guides. One of them tips is usually to offer your services an individual will be a better level and tank for lower level instances. I think, this is harder work than you’ll need to be doing to create gold, nevertheless it generally is a nice change of scenery once in a while.¬†uoi80sl

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