For the very first time ever MUT can give players a chance to play co-op using their friends

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This is actually the 5 major modifications:

1. Madden 18 Has A fresh Engine

This year’s Madden ditches the actual Ignite engine that’s been powering previous versions from the game in support of the Frostbite motor.Frostbite is the actual engine EA may be using to energy the Battlefield series and today it’s coming in order to Madden.

Much improved visuals are designed to a mainstay from the Frostbite engine however we don’t observe an astronomical improvement with this particular version.

Hopefully by producing the jump towards the newer engine it can lead to even more impressive visuals using the next installment. It just doesn’t appear to be the graphical enhancements are as obvious because they were with FIFA 16 and FIFA 17.

2. Madden 18 Won’t be Available On Last-Gen Units

This doesn’t come just as much of a shock but Madden NFL 18 will exclusively be accessible on the Xbox 360 One and PS4.The series may be available on Xbox 360 console since Madden 06 as the PS3 has experienced every entry because Madden .

While this really is an end of the era, it shouldn’t come as an excessive amount of a surprise and also the writing has been about the wall. The last-gen consoles are starting to show how old they are.

The switch towards the new engine might have impacted the choice to drop last-gen support too. We hit the ceiling about the last-gen consoles and also the Frostbite engine likely wouldn’t have performed well about the last-gen consoles.

3. Longshot Tale Mode
Madden NFL 18 differs from its predecessors for the reason that it includes a fresh storyline build in the ground up with this game.The mode is known as Longshot and it’ll follow high schooler Devin Wade’s journey like a football player completely to the NFL.

Throughout the journey players can make choices that shape how a story will play out as well as features multiple endings.Whether you’ll wish to replay it remains to become seen but know you could plow through the entire mode per day or so.

4. The Mobile Application Directly Ties In to Madden 18

As the Madden Mobile game typically designed for a fun addition towards the core Madden encounter, it never had much endurance.With this year’s version we now have a direct tie-in using the console version.

Should you download the Madden NFL app you’ll be treating having a prequel mode towards the full-fledged Longshot tale mode.While it isn’t as robust since the console version you’ll still get a great taste of things to expect with the actual console mode.

Madden Mobile gives players the opportunity to play out Devin Wade’s senior high school career and test out the branching tales. If you’re a fan from the Longshot story mode you need to give the mobile version an attempt.

5. Madden Greatest Team (MUT) Offers Co-Op

For the very first time ever MUT can give players a chance to play co-op using their friends. However, it isn’t co-op within the sense that you’re probably considering.Madden NFL 18 is just 2 days aside, so are you ready for that new version.

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