Get set up with many mages and let them kill in your case

Grinding monsters is the foremost strategy to level in Wow. It can become quite boring, in case following these tips, you will be able to level faster and maintain it more fun!

1. Don’t die, prepare yourself
Better spend some more cash on first-aid and food. Potions that grow your characters stat are also absolutely essential. Remember, you’re making experience points, not world of warcraft gold. However, most grinding spots includes monster that are dropping lot of items. Also get the best spot that’s not very crowded. An flying mount likewise helps much, as possible switch places faster if they’re progressing to crowded.

2. Don’t go back
Don’t go back to the NPC to restock potions and medical. You’ll be able to better purchase for them from others, by paying some more. It can save you countless of hours.

3. Form teams
Get set up with many mages and let them kill in your case. If you can’t play Warcraft because you have school, then ask you’re noob friend if they wish to grind for your character. Only try this with individuals you trust, as you will likely be handing out your bank account details!

4. Keep the gear up currently
It is absolutely vital to hold your gear up to date. You’ll have better stats. Without having money, you could borrow some gear from the more impressive range friend. Keeping your gear up thus far prevent you from looking ‘noobish’ and boost the quantity of places where one can grind efficiently! *98iuh12

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