I posted this in a different forum and was redirected here

I posted this in a different forum and was redirected here. To create this short and sweet, I’m looking at getting back in the overall game and thinking about using bonds to fund at least a couple of weeks of membership. My pal, who’s never 07 Rs Gold played before, desires to create a free account and I believed that buying him several bonds would be a great way for him to find the full RS experience (and, of course, it will be nice to experiment with with him). This is when the problems arise.I distinctly keep in mind that there was a rule rice that stated it was contrary to the rules to deliver money between two of one’s accounts.

That shouldn’t matter, because I wouldn’t be doing regular that. However, a). my friend and that i play from your same IP address, and b). I’d personally be sending quite a few million gold with a newly created account so that he may purchase bonds, which will possibly seem suspicious.Can anyone shed some light about this issue? Should it be something being concerned with? Have you done anything this way previously, and how has it ended up?Thanks a whole lot for virtually every responses. So when always, happy ‘scaping!When you’re only transferring money to a different person’s account (your brother’s) then you definitely must be fine.

The rule only applies if you try and transfer money to an alternative of your respective Runescape Accounts (an alt).There are/were numerous people who enjoyed members of the family or roommates on the same connection.That’s what I thought, and good point about precisely how members of the family use a similar connection. Thanks so much for solving any confusion that we had!Being completely honest, We are a fairly paranoid person and bother about things a whole lot, then it’s definitely feasible that this isn’t anything to be worried about in any respect. Concurrently, it wouldn’t do well easily mistakenly got a black mark (or worse, banned) and lose my 2007 Rs Gold since I needed my pal to experience the game. ##wsxyuie69

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