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Which are the best skinning spots in WoW Cataclysm?Highlands and Uldum worthwhile places to farm for skinningThe cost of Savage Leather just won’t suck my server – and I have to level leatherworking on my main. So I’ve been levelling my hunter, who have skinning as you profession. It’s something I’d been wanting to accomplish anyway, considering all the pretty pets in Cataclysm (got myself a flaming turtle once I hit 81; I’d personally tell situation on the adventurous tame later), of course , if it saves me some money to get wow gold every one of the better.We can see buying winged guardian for wow gold is more dangerous than buying cheap wow gold directly.

Doing 80-81 in Vashj’ir got me some leather, but merely barely enough for five skillpoints. Argh. I switched to Hyjal at 81, mostly to discover the aforementioned flaming turtle, and then did 81-82 there since I couldn’t be bothered switching back. At 82, I visited Deepholm. Not very much skinning in Deepholm, with every one of the stone creatures, right? Yeah, that’s whatever thought at the same time. I quested my way through almost the entirety with the zone, skinning the rare dragonkin and achieving increasingly anxious going to 83 therefore i could go skin my way through Uldum.Then this Therazane quest chain led me towards upper left corner of Deepholm. k&hj238

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