if RuneScape is defined on the mystical medieval age

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I know that numerous people have noticed besides that some NPCs like, Scribe, Grand Exchange workers, Bankers and in some cases items are outdated. In the start, there were no formal suits of shirt and tie, either glasses, etc. for the time that 2007 runescape accounts is positioned. I do believe, if RuneScape is defined on the mystical medieval age, there shouldn’t be any components from our age much like the ones I stated previously.

A few things i suggest is always that NPCs with these outdated characteristics are able to use clothes and items more adequate to their some time and additionally that is reachable for the players (a good example with this is Oziach at Edgeville, which utilizes a rune platebody).

Also, all ‘Fantasy’ style games, though they have an inclination to stay Medieval Stasis, also standardly contain stuff wouldn’t normally have existed in just what real-world at the medieval date. It is ‘Fantasy’ and would be fantasy if laser powered jetpack dinosaurs were to get started spawning in edgeville. *75pjijl6

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