If you have already booked the first edition or scheduled today first edition

Microsoft today confirmed that only booked the first edition XboxOne players will receive a free FIFA 14. Earlier the company had announced that all XbXx One reserve will receive a free digital version of Cheap FIFA Coins. Xbox is now the official Twitter account can also see this post. However, the news proved to be wrong. Microsoft marketing manager Graeme Boyd community today in his Twitter account, In this regard there are a lot of questions, so today I would like to clarify: FIFA 14 will only be presented to the reserve of the first edition XboxOne consumers, and the number is limited, while supplies last.

If you have already booked the first edition or scheduled today first edition, then the game is not the case while supplies last, youll get a free FIFA14 Other important tips: first edition Send FIFA 14 policy is only valid in Europe this holiday in limited quantities, while supplies last. Xbox One first edition is currently in several British stores have sales, but GAME, Amazon have been sold out. Xbox One first edition with the retail version of the same price, which includes a commemorative version of the handle and an unlock code to unlock exclusive achievements.

Yesterday, Microsoft officially released the Buy Xbox One sent FIFA 14 details of the activities. The reality is that only the pre-the first day version of the player in order to enjoy this benefit, including a number of retailers including Amazon has determined that this pre release. Previously Microsoft has said that all the players are available to pre-order for free FIFA 14, and now this first day version of The emergence of so many pre-order the game in advance of the players said he was very disappointed. Some players even said that sued Microsoft in this regard to advertising fraud. 89780lsa

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