In wow cataclysm release,epic gem transmutes as being a soft nerf seemed quite logical

In addition , it seemed because last remaining reason to take them in the game at all. During the period of cataclysm ends and Mists of Pandaria coming ,a lot of players are interested in of your house possible to transmute cata epic gems in MoP.Those industrious alchemists, long awaiting redemption in the grind-heavy gating of crafted 378-gear, the ninja-buff to volatile drop rates, and LFR’s utter destruction of crafted 397-gear, stood ready to reap the bounty of these labors.Furthermore the mechanics of blizzard’s economy has seen virtually no change since release despite better models from eve and real life existing.

Gem transmutes were nice, but the poor normalization valueable across gem types brings about low usage for 4 gem types, current era elixirs became an internet loss in almost all cases for mop wow gold for sale, with potions typically requiring specialization to get involved with the black. Further, the expansion has experienced head for the hills inflation, goblins are located as villains despite being heroes in the economy looking to put off a tidal wave of currency, and blizzard perceives these faults to be a good thing.

In wow cataclysm release,epic gem transmutes as being a soft nerf seemed quite logical. Epic gems usually are not in the least needed for normal/LFR content, and arguably not hardmodes. Also, you can get them via the auction house that is where many people which might be fully epic gemed got theirs. All my gear is epic gemed minus a couple pieces and that i bought almost maybe 4 advisors on the AH.The epic gems transmutes that have been datamined about the PTR, but never seen in play, would one day go to alchemists everywhere on a daily cooldown as a method to soft-nerf content by permitting another +120 for the average raider’s stats. gf79po0

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