It had been a historic moment for FIFA have the honor to welcome a delegation

FIFA 15 Coins President Joseph S. Blatter welcomed a delegation from your European Council led by Anne Brasseur (Luxembourg), President in the ad hoc subcommittee on reforming the international football. Domenico Scala, chairman on the Audit and Compliance Committee of FIFA, also attended the meeting.This meeting was held caused by various measures taken with the European Council on sport, particularly a solution on governance and ethics in sports, 2012.

“It had been a historic moment for FIFA have the honor to welcome a delegation of high ranking associated with an institution as respected because European Council. I liked the spirit of dialogue that prevailed inside our meeting, which gave us the means to reply to questions from the delegates, in addition to providing information on FIFA and objectives. is the occasion to exhibit the progress individuals governance plan, adopting the overwhelming acceptance of the reform means of our institution through the Congress last May. anticipate to continue the exchange of ideas with all the European Council, “said FIFA President.

Sao Paulo. Problems appear and disappear south American country and Brazil is within doubt to host the 2014 World Cup as the government won’t accept the “World Law” produced by FIFA.The administration headed by President Dilma Rousseff has drawbacks in hosting the truly great event when there is lower than 12 months to finish, as there isn’t any agreement with all the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA).

Brazilian Congress doesn’t accept to get granted overmuch capacity to FIFA for your completion of the earth Cup, a position which has made the footballing body can transform the host country for the tournament, although looks complicated shortly.Your neighborhood daily Estado de Sao Paulo asserted FIFA isn’t going to say yes to the changes how the country’s government would like to impose within the “World Law”, it would mean huge losses for the presiding body Sepp Blatter. 67u06pl

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