kill him to obtain rs 3 gold after which it dig

Talk to pirate Redbeard Frank , he’ll tell you something If you want to get a treasure, you should provide him with a Karamjan rum.Go to Karamja by boat(need 30gp) and buying a Karamjan rum (need 30gp) From the bar. head to northeast in the bar ,you’ll find Luthas’s hut ,find Luthas and be sure he understands you possibly can help him fill the outside of the wooden box with bananas.On Cabin Western banana field. you might return to Luthas’s hut once you gain 10 bananas. First put Karamjan rum into your wooden box (use Karamjan rum with crate), then operate the same method put bananas into the wooden box (Please be careful ,don’t eat bananas). next thing, you are able to tell Luthas you have finished it, he’ll present you with 30 Runescape Gold.

Return to port sarim, Toward West direction, there is a delicatessen (owner wydin). Before discussing with him, put on your white apron (obtain in varrock clothes shop). Seek to go into the store room, tell them , you might be staff of store. Ask him whenever you can receive a job here, in the event you wear the white apron that she would agree. Utility room provides extensive wooden boxes, one lays a banana, search the crate, you will get Karamjan rum. Now ,Go back to Redbeard Frank there and give him that sticks Karamjan Rum, he will offer you one keys which can be used to open Varrock Blue Moon Inn is a treasure chest. Attend Varrock’s Blue Moon Inn, a layer into your west side with the room.

Redbeard Frank knows a treasure hiding place, nevertheless , you need to convince him to share with the hiding place.Be Falador’s park and serch west of statue, use your spade to dig the earth “X” (Without spade, you’ll find a new one inside furnace where is east entrance near Falador). There is a gardener will attack you, kill him to obtain rs 3 gold after which it dig.Okay,Congratulation! you have completed this task now! you will discover you don’t require a boat and crew dialogue from now, select wear blue clothes crew and choose the 2nd option on the line.Make use of the critical for open tummy in the room. You will definately get some text, it informs you the treasure discovered in Falador’s park. uuppl16

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