Let’s look at the Buffon more than once amongst players of the flapping of god

Although Juventus search engine optimization gainesville ball control rate reached 72%, nevertheless the Madrid athletics counterattack was fruitful, with 6 shots with their game, 4 which hit the entranceway reference system, but additionally very threat, but Juventus and Buffon, otherwise “the Bianconeri” will be beyond Olympia monks. Following the Italy media have also squeeze better to the goalkeeper, “industry” said: “Feng Lidang opponent very threat shooting, make sure he can inside team’s defense is reassuring.”Through Allegri first thank him.


Let’s look at the Buffon more than once amongst players of the flapping of god. Sixth minutes, Gaby in the right 45 degrees hang for the restricted area, Bonui header some distance behind the top, Man Giulia Kikki ball, he would like to play short passes to the side on the Tulane, but Bonui leg touch the ball a unconcioursly spread to the left on the foot of Kirk, if your Spanish country foot side nobody defense, he directly select the shot, Buffon reacted quickly to dam the ball out. Through the slow motion point of view, Buffon’s attention can be quite focused, his reaction and fighting action is really a textbook, the astonishing God flutter!

In forty-third minutes, Mario – Suarez 25 meters before abruptly her long-range, the ball hits a quality, but this time around still can’t over Buffon ten to Juventus goalkeeper and block the ball out! fifacoins14fast.com offer the cheapest FIFA 15 coins online with Safe payment .The truth is, a ball including Gaby corner directly hit the post, Buffon has been in the near post in position, even when Mario Suarez can grab a placement of words, Buffon can be prone to placed the ball bashing out. “Sky Sports” said: “Buffon is the greatest place was in his judgment, they are always prior to the pre sentence, naturally, his reaction is among the world’s top.” 78jlmnq

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