Making sure that’s one big question

I seriously would like to know what day the event will end :/ due to changing God manufactured tier 3 is released… along with the Dragon token needs 450k so will there be all you need days?

6 weeks could well be 42 days, but each phase is 5 days long– and so i’m hoping 3 more days will be included with increase the risk for final phase the full 5, atm(if 42 days) it’s only 2 long –so making the 07 rs gold event 45 days. 9 phases x 5 = 45 which 450k matches to.

The past event, was to be 10 weeks, nevertheless it became 10 weeks as well as a bit in the 11th… and so i’m hoping (and think it needs to) identical may happen these times to perform that final phase.

Making sure that’s one big question, Jagex can you please signify the final date?

I don’t actually care a whole lot to the Bandos rewards, if your event does come out being 42 and that i don’t encourage them all- perfectly fine by himself. Nevertheless it would simply be nice to determine if you can get both gods tier 3 you aren’t.

^Well it’s Armadyl I actually mean there–I would like to swap to Armadyl within the tier 3 day in order to complete the big event following him, buy if it’s only 42 days, I won’t be getting his emote and title. :[ )

-just realised day 45 is usually a Saturday not Fri, so perhaps it won’t end tomorrow-

Well, the time the presentation ends plus the time you are able to not spend renown will vary things. You could spend renown for being a month beyond the conclusion of the runescape gold battle last time, and odds are it’ll be similar this time around.

I doubt we’ll find out exactly once the battle ends, nevertheless it’s supposedly a 6 week event. Still, I’d just seek to spend you renown right after it ends, in lieu of awaiting months following end.  *95pjijl6

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