Might be learned in the trailer , FIFA 14 new ” reaction ” system

FIFA 14 Coins NEWS FROM cheapfifacoins2u — FIFA issued 14 brought us many surprises and more expectations. EA released its football game masterpiece FIFA 14 promotional trailer for the new elements , and revealed promises to release the action. Promo for your players about FIFA Coins of many highlights , but whether these highlights Android platform popping out , why don’t we wait together.

Might be learned in the trailer , FIFA 14 new ” reaction ” system , players can amongst gamers for athletes at various locations ” assembly ” special abilities. In the video, game producer striker assembly into a “strong,” and so the athletes to improve strength and passing defense , giving winger pre-loaded with “sniper” to improve its extra shot accuracy. Furthermore , FIFA 14 also increased the ” single online match” , ” player loyalty ,” along with games are played.

Increase these benefits , not just with increased understanding between teammates , but in addition make the whole game more fluid and much more ornamental , allowing players to try out the playing directly. Meanwhile, the excellent system to create players not only an even better gaming experience , but in addition firmly hold the player’s heart , allowing the gamer to place it down. From the certain point of view, it really is advantageous to build up the sport. ytl70we

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