Sierra Leone went through a really cruel civil war that lasted 12 years

Is know for FIFA received on Wednesday August 28th an extremely special guest, Isha Johansen. Johansen ‘s first stop by at the headquarters on the administration took a trifle over three weeks after his election as President from the Football Association of Sierra Leone ( DES ), a milestone regardless in their conversation with .Johansen also recalled those moments of 2004 when it’s various obligations as being a mother and business partner, absorbed all his time. With this street corner in his life, the anguish on the suffering of his countrymen in Sierra Leone with his fantastic deep fascination with football generated this indefatigable pioneer to sacrifice, get to work and open roads.

” Sierra Leone went through a really cruel civil war that lasted 12 years, and left a wide range of orphans and homeless, wandering the streets,” he explains. “Football is very important in today’s world, plus my neighborhood had kids who spent all day long, literally around 18 hours straight, using the ball.””I pointed out that these children failed to use a house in which to reside, no food to enjoy. And so i stopped to talk using them making it a great deal: easily promised to ok , i’ll drive them to high school, make them balls and facilitate them to be focused on the adventure they loved. From overnight, knocked on my door to see me he’d formed a team and to be called FC Johansen, a reputation that we failed to like.

I said I’d need to put another, they insisted on FC Johansen “.”We were looking at very young boys, aged between ten and 12 years, and hang up them in Little League. After that, these folks were ascending. Immediately, these were representing Sierra Leone in international tournaments children in Sweden and Norway. In 2011 attended the Under-16 Cup Switzerland, which impose after Liverpool win “.“These children have grown to be a great symbol for your youth of Sierra Leone. They’ve already shown that you can dream, fulfill your dreams and make it. Now competing inside national title [in Sierra Leone] and even though they certainly are a very young team, they certainly rather effectively. Currently, I cannot speak overmuch from FC Johansen “. 5wvn0iw

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