That is a great victory for the people people who may have hated gold sellers

Recently Blizzard, the owners and operators in the massively multi-player phenomenon called Wow won its first victory inside fight virtual currency and power leveling companies commonly known as “wow gold sellers”.Blizzard was granted an unchangeable injunction that essentially puts an end to In Game Dollar’s capability to market virtual currency and power leveling services in Warcraft. In Game Dollar will be the parent company for peons4hire. Most of us were annoyed by the spam that it group generated in-game nevertheless it seems as if that’s over now.In Game Dollar is permanently enjoined from engaging in the sale of World of Warcraft virtual assets or power leveling services.

They may not make full use of any in-game chat systems to advertise anything. This final injunction also prohibits In Game Dollar from creating another business entity for your factors like doing some of the enjoined acts.As long as they violate any kind on the injunction they will then be subject to monetary damages awarded to Blizzard Entertainment.That is a great victory for the people people who may have hated gold sellers, their spam, and inflation in the economy. Blizzard would not sell out with “Exchange Servers” in terms that Sony Online Entertainment did. They took a stand and won.

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