There are various of wow gold existing inside the gold market

Recently, Blizzard launched a fresh investigation to illegal wow gold trading in warcraft, a lot of players who involved in the illegal gold purchase have obtained the warning email from Blizzard, more severe, many senior accounts were banned directly. It is definitely irreparable loss for customer. Therefore, gold security has changed into a hot discussion topic in the beginning days in 2014.

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Find legit wow gold and safest wow gold site 2014 would have been a very important question for any customer. For instance This site founded from 2007 and who owned over 7 years experience of wow gold selling area. Here this document will explain to you the mandatory elements that the excellent safest website must have.

1. Safest gold
There are various of wow gold existing inside the gold market, some suppliers claimed they selling the lowest priced world of warcraft gold, though the way to obtain these golds is absolutely questionable. Because these almost costless wow gold was probably be stolen from other players account. But every piece of gold was handmaded from professional gold farmers, absolutely safe and reliable.

2. Safest delivery
You can find basically three varieties of transaction ways, by mail or through personally transaction,or by the auction house. Usually we recommend the regular trading via AH. But wowgold-sales gold is safe, so you can in the flesh transaction in game, that’s more convenient and fast, but you should be aware any time you have gold, never create it for other player without any reason. Free of cost . hard that you can identify the scammer in game.

3. Safest payment
Select the Paypal to fund wow gold online is the safest method to protect your cash, because alternative payment tools supply the best customers protectionism to you. You won’t ever bother about your cash safe. Since if supplier never have delivery the goods your order, your cash is going to be delivered to you in 48 hours. Please dont trust those small sites who are able to not providing Paypal payment service.

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For each of Warcraft players, 2014 is a year with great wish. Visit the safest wow gold site 2014—  and enjoy the legit wow gold. Best of luck.  6t9dfje

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