To start with we had arrived told that no city meet Fifa requirements

Although World Cup Fifa Futsal will probably be organized in 2016 Colombia, Bucaramanga and no other cities aspiring sudsedes is fixed, because the highest authority requirements orbital football are really at high level, that carry out meets certain requirements.That was clear for the first meeting of Project Planning organized through the Colombian Football Federation with sport leaders aspiring cities in the competition venues.”To start with we had arrived told that no city meet Fifa requirements, although we left away by it, since the coliseum Bicentennial must have adjustments, which might be not minor works, but that are simpler than others of other cities, weather resistant it is able to again, “said Ariel Gerardo Garcia, director of Iderbu.

Leader added that “it needs to join hands not simply among the sports leadership of the city, playing with the political sector and enterprise to create Bucaramanga to host the soccer World Cup Fifa”.Therein same sense spoke the executive in the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, Juan Camilo Beltran: “The city had not been considered for that U 20, and is particularly something which cannot happen again, because a meeting with this magnitude will help boost the city anywhere int he planet. ”

“There has to be seen only from a sporting point of view but also from a fiscal, since it boosts trade. It is true who’s needs a large investment, but it is really an opportunity you cannot pass so we ought to be inclined to set our grain of sand, “he said Beltran.The International Football Federation, FIFA 15 Coins, headquarters assigned the Futsal World Cup in Colombia on May 28 with this year, which is why our country ran with six cities: Bogota, Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Ibague, Neiva and Villavicencio. 67u06pl

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