We learn a considerable amount from that testing

Blizzard Lead Encounter Designer Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas made a motivating post about the PTR forums in connection with delicate relationship between “bleeding edge” raiding guilds plus the developers. Each side will gain something from other arrangement, where the guilds get advance attempts on heroic progression bosses, and the developers get information from spectating on world of warcraft gold, noticing bugs understanding that old chestnut, “creative use of in-game mechanics”. I like to think because of this , Ion’s forum name is Watcher, because he’s keeping an eye on proceedings, together with his team.

Recently, though, it seems that among the “bleeding-edge” guilds has had action that’s soured this relationship. In the end do not know what kind, you can find not many candidates today, and from reading Ion’s post a progression raid group accessed the Siege of Orgrimmar raid and spent hours on a Heroic boss during the night, after copying fresh characters with generic names, presumably with the expectation of going unnoticed. While he doesn’t say so in numerous words, it looks like action was taken, perhaps revoking this guild’s access to the PTR. Whether this will have an effect around the World First race remains to appear.

From Zul’Gurub and Ahn’Qiraj onward, we have now made extensive usage of our Public Test Realms to be able to help find bugs and enhance the tuning of our own raid content. We have a wide-ranging team of Quality Assurance testers and an interior raid group, however it is impossible to replicate the sheer breadth of knowledge we get from having a huge selection of real raid groups attempting diverse strategies because they experience encounters for the first time. We learn a considerable amount from that testing, in the the sort of written feedback on these forums, which can be carefully read by every encounter designer, and from spectating raids and observing the way they fare. *98iuh12


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