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However, for technical assistants (Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, FYR Macedonia, Malta and Turkey), the most crucial was undoubtedly the foot field learning. “We organized two sessions on parties through Istanbul, we divided into groups. You’d to decipher errors mostrárnoslos equipment and next day inside field. Another would have been to watch a few teams and summarize the teachings. Two days later we repeated the experiment, and it also was nice to see the progress made. There was a great interaction basic high level technicians. Which is the reasons for football “, welcomed Conz.”We’ve explained everything with passion, and that is what exactly we needed, because we are also passionate!” He said making reference to Conz Garastas and Hamberg.

“It is often appreciated the experience of Jean-Marie Conz and Piet Hamberg with the exceptional method of passing, given that they use a genuine approach coaches, so everybody understands,” summed Necat Gürpinar, Development Manager ATF.The group also attended French team training, for analysis. “The French were kind enough to spread out their doors. Everyone loved that moment, because it may not be theory, however the reality in the field, “said Conz.Everyone seemed pleased about the week, both organizers as well as the participants. “This series has shown that FIFA 15 Coins carries a human approach which is not just ‘win’. Respect for some, sportsmanship, the notion of group, all is issues, “said Gürpinar.”

There were only coaches and national coaches, highly educated people, former players. There’s been a great deal of interaction, understanding and respect among most of these technical “confirmed Erdil.Garastas, meanwhile, was delighted while using experience and particularly because of its usefulness in the foreseeable future. “We have already commenced to integrate everything to accommodate my country. My business is very anxious to return where you can apply what I’ve learned here. “And lastly, a thing from the wise Dutch Piet Hamberg, which concluded having a formula characteristic of him: “We wanted it, to go away, participants pensasen: ‘following this seminar, I am a better coach.” We work the analysis and employ of the training, and that we have noticed great progress during a period of a few days, we’ve stood a major exchange. That may be essential. ” 78y6y1h

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