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The gods of Gielinor are very powerful users of magic. Guthix is said to get shaped the entire world from an empty plane forgotten by the Elder Gods with the magic in the Stone of Jas. Runestones, basic fundamentals of magic, are set up by harnessing the vitality inside stone. Guthix gave Humans, who he brought from other realms with the World Gate, these runes, and also the land was dubbed RuneScape due to its abundance of runes.

Guthix fell into a deep sleep, ending the initial Age.Jack (Meeting History) was told are coming up with the very first spell, Fire Strike by combining an air and fire rune in make an effort to light a fire. Jack became an excellent mage eventually, and taught many Humans the opportunity to fight with magic.

Concluding the God Wars, the 4th Age or “Day of Mortals” began. There was a limited volume of Runes on the market, so magic has not been widely practiced. Advanced mages such as Ahrim the Blighted could have had another source for his magical powers, or a secret method of getting these runes.Right at the end of the Fourth Age, rune essence was discovered by Fremennik barbarians.

These stones were imbued with various elemental energies, and the basics of Runecrafting put together. However, this triggered a schism inside the tribe. Half thought that magic was useful, and part of human progression. However, one other half argued which use with the magic was defying the gods, the way it was the gods’ power. The primary group separated, and became known as the Moon Clan.

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