While annually is FIFA seems outsell PES 2014

At the end of September, Fifa Coins for Sale and PES 2014 is going to be officially launched. Obviously the console versions, such as the PS3 or Xbox 360 that advertise a terrific show nevertheless much realism. Indeed, the two franchises have well achieved a trade war to obtain additional sales, and support of fans of football games. Within this context, FIFA 14 was extracted from the first videos, ahead regardless of whether PES 2014 really was the fundamental reworking of the game, but the difference could also be … the retail price!

While annually is FIFA seems outsell PES 2014, it seems that the very last duty made a decision to attack through the price. In reality, Konami, which produces the action, just announced that the tariff of PES 2014 could be 49.99 Euros on Playstation 3 but additionally on Xbox 360.Simultaneously, FIFA 14 was announced at 59.99 Euros; with pre-order already open for many who want the experience upon its release. With this context, it is a big blow for PES 2014 that tackles FIFA 14. After that consider the yellow card?

The general secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke, held from tomorrow a different holiday to Brazil to examine the works in three with the stadiums for that World Cup host country in 2014 possibly at a time when the Brazilian government admits it needs streamlining work.Valcke morning inspects the stadium being built in Sao Paulo, which will host the opening match, and so on Monday the stadium project visit Curitiba.Tuesday will be the turn with the stadium under construction inside the Amazon capital of scotland – Manaus.The visit, the initial near you after Valcke FIFA Confederations Cup in June in Brazil, will conclude on Thursday in Rio de Janeiro, where the leader will see with members with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the World offer a press conference to consider stock in the inspection. uuppl16

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